Frequently Asked Questions

What types of vehicles does SeatSkull fit?

The flexible, easy-to-use and install design allows SeatSkull to fit a variety of seats. From cars, trucks and vans to SUVS, if you have a bucket seat it will cover the seat. The seat back uses an elastic band to tighten the seat protector and the seat bottom has elastic to account for a variety of sizes.

How do I clean my SeatSkull?

Clean your SeatSkull by hand washing with a mild soap or detergent in a bucket, bathtub or other container, then hang to dry. You may need to occasionally give it a shake to disperse collected water. Never iron or machine dry your SeatSkull.

Will SeatSkull get hot if I leave it on my seat in the sun?

Just about anything in a vehicle gets hot if it's not properly ventilated, extremely hot or taken care of. As SeatSkull is designed for a quick use only when you need it, should you leave it on longer simply check the seat temperature with your hand before sitting down.  Additionally, the eco-green color of SeatSkull was chosen specifically because it is dark enough to stay clean-looking, but not so dark that it will get too hot.

Who is Switchback Outdoor Gear?

Switchback Outdoor Gear is the original creator of SeatSkull Seat Protector, a high-quality, lightweight, portable and easy-to-use seat protector for active lifestyles. Our mission is to create practical products that make your experience with outdoor activities one that is memorable and useful. Visit for more information and to purchase SeatSkull.