How to Use SeatSkull

Quick and Easy Setup

Using SeatSkull is easy and effective. The next time you find yourself sweaty or grimy simply unpack your SeatSkull from the built-in storage pouch and slip it over the headrest, then around the main seat and tuck the pouch into the crease of your bucket seat. It really is that simple to use and takes less than 20 seconds to install.

Removal and Storage

After using your SeatSkull, remove the cover over the headrest and then the main seat. Carefully do this if any moisture has collected so you don't spill onto your car seat. Shake out any excess moisture outside and hang to dry if needed. To store, hold the bag upside down and with both hands begin to push and pack the SeatSkull into the built-in pouch. Cinch and place in your vehicle for future use.

Cleaning Your SeatSkull

SeatSkull's material does not absorb moisture like towels or terry cloth. However, occasional cleaning is recommended. To clean, hand wash with a mild detergent and hang to dry. Drying times vary due to climate and conditions, but the lightweight material dries very quickly. After cleaning, stow for future use.

Note: Do not machine wash, machine dry or iron your SeatSkull.

The Wet Test

See how effective a SeatSkull can be when your seats need protection from sweat, dirt or grime.