SeatSkull Seat Protector’s Unique Design

SeatSkull Seat Protector’s Unique Design Helps Active People Keep Automobile Seats Clean and Odor Free, Affordably and Easily.

New product design fills the need for a growing outdoor market.

June 23, 2014

Denton, Texas – June 23, 2014 – Switchback Outdoor Gear set out in the summer of 2013 to produce the easiest, most effective solution for active people needing automobile seat protection after grueling workouts or adventures – without a hefty price and without permanent or semi-permanent installation.

The result was the SeatSkull Seat Protector. Inspired by backcountry hiking materials, the lightweight, water-resistant, universal fit seat protector can easily slip on a seat with a headrest within fifteen seconds and can be used over and over again just for the times when seat protection is needed.

Additional features include a built-in storage pouch, drawstring and carabiner that give the product a small footprint and allow for maximum portability, sharing between vehicles and stowage.

Chris Weatherley, founder of Switchback Outdoor Gear shares, “for over 20 years, I’ve enjoyed many outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, road cycling, running, kayaking, and tennis. I found myself driving to remote locations in a vehicle and afterwards using towels or changing clothes to keep sweat, water or dirt off my seats during the drive back home. It started to become burdensome bringing home extra loads of laundry and sometimes I’d forget to bring a towel. I started looking into seat covers and was amazed at how complex many were to install while others were costly and seemed like a permanent installation. None of them really had the simple, practical, only-when-you-need-it features I was looking for in seat protection”.

The growing need is clear.  Americans are getting outside and getting dirty in growing numbers.  The Outdoor Foundation (2013) reports that, “the number of total outdoor outings increased, reaching an all-time high” (p. 5) and that “in the past three years, participation in non-traditional/off road triathlons grew by 116 percent and adventure racing grew 99 percent (p. 13).

Consumers can purchase the SeatSkull Seat Protector for $35.00 and view photos and a demonstration video at either

About Switchback Outdoor Gear
Switchback Outdoor Gear, LLC was formed in early 2014.  Chris Weatherley, founder and President, is an active fly fisherman, kayaker, runner, and hiker.  His experiences with these activities and desire to keep his truck seats sweat and grime free were the inspiration for SeatSkull.  Together with his wife and co-founder, Sherry Weatherley, they plan to design similar protective products for other facets of active lifestyles.

Chris Weatherley, Founder
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Phone: (214) 608-4262

Outdoor Foundation.  (2013).  Outdoor Participation Report 2013.  Retrieved from

Chris Weatherley
Chris Weatherley