Top 8 Things That Can Leave Your Vehicle's Seats Filthy

Let's face it, people love their automobiles. Remember the pride you had getting that first ride, and then moving up the auto ladder of life and getting the ride you wanted? Or maybe you were fortunate enough to have that ever so envious sports car in high school. No matter the path to ownership, people love their cars and they love taking care of them. Our vehicles not only get us from one location to another but they also help to display our personality, provide recreation, and are a key social element in our lives.

Many use stickers on their vehicle like a pin up board to display their affections for all kinds of organizations, products, political affiliations, causes and of course and little back patting of their kid's accomplishments.

By the way, feel free to add your SeatSkull sticker to that vehicle you love!

With that much use on a daily basis, you really have to ask yourself how clean your seats are. Especially if you're an active person. There are locations in the country where even a small trek from the office building to the parking lot can leave you a hot mess. And that hot mess goes right in with you on your seats.

So we thought we'd list out our top eight things that can get the interior seats of that car you love, stinking filthy. You probably have many more, but here goes:

  1. Sweat - It's something we wish didn't happen when we're nervous, overheated or working out, but it happens. And sweat, which contains mainly water but also small amounts of salt, urea, ammonia and sugar — is not good for your interior, whether it's upholstery or leather.
  2. Dirt and Grime - You don't have to be working on the farm to get dirty. Everyday household tasks can leave a little unwanted grime on our clothing.
  3. Sunscreen - If you've ever slapped sunscreen on your legs, arms or back at the pool and then driven home, there's a good chance you've got some coconut tanning oil on your seat. Hmmm, smelled good at the time!
  4. Kids - They are their own little ecosystem.
  5. Pets - We love our pets, and if you happen to be a pet taxi to the dog park or pet store, you know the shedding and dirt they carry.
  6. Food - Nothing like a Carl's Jr. on your seat to leave a stain.
  7. Weather - Been caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella? Chances are your seats soaked it up from your backside.
  8. Beach/Sand - If you've taken a vehicle to the beach, you know how many times you have to vacuum. Oh, there's just a little more!

These are just a few of the things that we humans take with us in our vehicles. If you want an easy and effective way of keeping the elements off your seats, try a SeatSkull. We promise, your interior and your friends will appreciate it!

Chris Weatherley
Chris Weatherley